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Top 4 Amazing Wine Carafe

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Some of us like wine and like creative designs of their glassware. This post presents the most bold and yet amazing collection of the wine carafe designs.


Crazy Wine Decanter Designs

If you are one of those who likes to collect wine related objects, perhaps this post will help you navigate in the world of wine collectibles. This post is focused specifically on the wine decanter designs, and in case you are also interested in wine glass designs, feel free to browse here.


First in our list of the freaky wine carafe is of course the heart shaped decanter from Liviana Osti. It is composed from two part of the glass imitation of the human heart, and is divided into two parts. One part represents wine as low blood pressure and one for water, representing high blood pressure. The concept behind this freaky carafe is care for the cardio system of a human being, or just health in general, because we are what we consume, don’t you think?


Another in our list of amazing wine carafes is the Parabola Decanter. This carafe is made from 24 % crystal and mouth blown. A trully unique decanter for your collection. Somewhat the same is the Amadeo Riedel Decanter. This wine carafe shares the same characteristics as the previous one, but costs three times more, because it was made for a special occasion of 250th anniversary of Riedel.

The last in our collection of the weird and creative wine decanters is the contemporary wine carafe from Etienne Meneau. His carafes present a surprising blend between glassware and modern sculpture. He wanted to express his thought regarding the wine becoming an accessory of a contemporary life, and took all his inspiration from nature.

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