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Tips On Using Throw Pillow Accents

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As one of the experts in design said, “Pillows on a sofa are like the icing on a cake”. Without their accenting power a sofa or a bed look incomplete and lack personality. Today we are going to discover several tips on using throw pillow accents in decor.

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Decorative Throw Pillows As Accents

Pillows have appeared during the Tudor era, where they were used only by aristocracy and disabled people among the poor. However during the Industrial Revolution these attributes of wealth and weakness started to be widely used in daily lives. On the contrary, the decorative pillows or throw pillows, as they are usually called, serve the purpose of being a furnishing accent. They come in various shapes and colors and can be quite humorous at times. For example, Society6 created a collection of pillow cases, entitled “Bookworm”, that literally looked like a stack of books.

Another amazing brand that offers a wide range of cute throw pillows is Yellow Velvet, which creates designer pillows, that no doubt are as unique as they can be. By browsing through their catalog, you can easily get inspired and create something similar, because in the end, it is just a pillow case and there is nothing really hard in making one.

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Throw pillows add visual appeal to your bed or a sofa, especially if they are of neutral colors, like beige, grey or brown. There is no definite rule on using patterned decorative pillows, just follow the general recommendations on using patterns. There has to be at least three pillows of the same pattern in order to make a theme. Meanwhile, there can be up to 6 different patterns present in the room.

If you chose prints, like pictures of different cities, these could help in creating some special armosphere. If you place an Eiffel tower-printed pillow on a couch and add several Parisian influenced furnishings to the table or mantel – suddenly the pillow doesn’t look like it is out of theme. So, by using different prints, patterns and even textures you can modify the interior and create a certain mood, so throw pillows offer their help in that.

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