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Three Unusual Designer Clocks

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Clocks are intended not only for determining the time. Clockwork in a beautiful colorful frame turned into a full interior detail, sometimes even defining the overall style of the room. Therefore, the choice of such decor element should be treated seriously and responsibly.

Three Unusual Designer Clocks for Creative Interior

Manifold clock by Studio Ve

Manifold clock by Studio Ve

In this article we will focus on unusual clocks, which will be the most attractive element in any interior.

Monti Silvestri Clock: Clock made of lava

One element of the Natura Fossilium collection, developed by Formafantasma studio, deserves a separate description. But first, let us tell a few words about the collection itself. Uniqueness of the Natura Fossilium collection is in using of lava, produced in 2013 after the eruption of Mount Etna volcano in Sicily.

Monti Silvestri Clock is a part of the collection. It is a small plate, mounted on the basalt base, on which there is a pulverized volcanic rock.

The clock hands, while walking round, form a volcano’s crater shape. Apparently, the item can be used only in a horizontal position.

Linear Cycle Clock: Clock without arrows

When looking at this black and white thing, it is not immediately clear, what it is. Designers from BCXSY set out to find an alternative to traditional clock with a dial and moving arrows.

Mechanism of the Linear Cycle Clock is as follows: a large graphically “shell” with twelve axes rotates instead of the arrows. Each of the axes corresponds to a certain hour. Moving in a circle, the shell indicates time on a vertical plate with figures resembling a ruler.

Linear Cycle Clock will help not only to rethink the image of one of the oldest subjects of interior, but also to remember about the transience of time.

The clock was created for Roues Libres exhibition, which is held annually at the design festival D’Days in Paris.

Manifold clock: Clock with three dimensions

Israeli Studio Ve created an original clock, which is more like a colorful fan of a young woman. As a real fan, it can fold and unfold, simultaneously showing the exact time.

The creators called Manifold clock “three-dimensional clock”. Despite the fact that there is no dial, you can navigate on the colored divisions. The edge of the fan are used instead of the arrows.The clock-fan bends and twists to “reach out” to the desired division.

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