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“The Rhythm of Light” Chandelier

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If you are one of those who likes to contemplate on the meaning of life while looking at the simple objects, this post will entertain you. Presenting to you the “Rhythm of Light” chandelier,with an intriguing concept lamp design.

Sun Mimicking Lamp

The “Rhythm of light” chandelier is one of the most amazing light fixtures made! It looks like a transparent geometric figure, when chandelier is actually designed to mimick the rising and setting of the Sun. How awesome is that?!

This amazing chandelier is designed by Susanne de Graef, a very delicate artist who designed not only the lamp, but wrote an accompanying poem to it. In creating the chandelier De Graef was inspired by the “rituals of the sun”, which brings life to everything on Earth each morning. Hand colored strips with a series of hoops let out the rainbow light. The chandelier is moving delicately up and down, pulling its strings and hoops. It is interesting to note that Susanne de Graef made this chandelier as a student project, and she certainly made an amazing work.

The “Rhythm of light” has been put in mass production by La Chance company, slightly altering the form. Thus, the original form of art is reaching its audience through the mass production version, which is a good idea, as considered by the author. Susanne de Graef, a talented graduate from Eindhoven, made a very significant project so far, let’s see what would happen next.

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