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Teacup Transformations into Decor Accessories

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Cups, as you know, are very handy as a kitchenware – however when creativity is flowing they can become the interior decorating accessories. Today we are going to present the most amazing cup transformations into decor accessories.

How To Use Cups Alternatively

teacup decor

Cups as Desk Organizers

Cups, due to their container capacity can be used as desk organizers. However, this is among the easiest ways to use cups alternatively. They can be containers for pens and pencils, or if you have a set of identical little cups, it can be even used for holding the various stationary items. Cups can also be used for vanity tables as containers!

teacup decor

Cups as Planters

Recycle your cups by making planters out of them! Cups look really cute if they are made into planters. Not only they add certain charm to the interior, you can also have a whole set of planters that look alike! Alternatively, you can use cups as little tabletop water gardens or decorate the staircase rails with them along the way in outdoors.

teacup decor

Cups as Interior Accessories

This is one of the most unique ways to use cups. Some use them just as decor accessory for the rustic appeal, some make a use out of it by making them a tiebacks for kitchen curtains! To make this beauty, you will need to drill a 1½-inch holes in the bottom. Then thread a curtain panel through a teacup and screw a cup hook into the window frame or wall stud and hang the cup by its handle. Moreover, teacups are known to be used as lamps as well!

teacup decor

Cups as Bird Feeders

You would be surprised but these are actual teacups, which have been out of use recently and been recycled into these awesome bird feeding stations. With just a few posts, filled with bird seeds and water these would make a cute wild nature spot.

teacup decor


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