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Solid Spin Lamps

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Imagine collection, which is inspired by daily objects and turned into practical art? Solid Spin Lamp is incredible lamp collection by designer Johanna Tammsalu, where she had experimented with certain objects and procedures.

Intriguing Lamp collection by Johanna Tammsalu

Experimenting with different objects to create works of art has never been more fun! We are presenting to you the amazing Solid Spin Lamp Collection by Johanna Tammsalu. She has much fun when creating this project, because she was using different objects, such as shoes, reading glasses, books, mugs, jugs, forks, remotes to make the unique pieces. The lamps resulted looking in ghost like quality, and they are also in different colors.
The lamps look very original, because each lamp has an individual story. Johanna Tammsalu, a designer with Estonian background, who currently resides in Spain, emphasized the importance of the results. She wanted to achieve interesting shapes, which could portray strength, not fragility, and that is quite obvious with the collection. The use of this technique gives incredible possibilities with designing, as now lamps can be made with light bulbs, and fruit bowls can be inspired by the angles and shapes of these very fruits. Each lamp consists of different parts, which are then glued together. The primary material is ceramics, then painted with appropriate funky color. Here is what Tammsalu has to say about the collection:

“I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results and started to wonder how could I make the outlines more clear and the shapes more solid. I was interested in strength, not fragility and therefore I decided to see what happened if I moved an object around its’ own axis and then an axis of my own choice. I tested objects by themselves and also in groups where they were stacked on top of each other. This resulted in interesting solid revolutionary shapes with great outer detail. If the solids were to be cut open from the middle, the contour of the original object would be visible”.

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