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Soap Carving

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We all want our house to be cozy and beautiful. Therefore, we strive to make every corner look beautiful. Bathroom is in fact a very intimate room in the apartment, because we store there things that are not for the public eye. Decorating the interior of the bathroom can be different. One of the options is a beautifully decorated soap. You can create a truly unusual “soap” masterpieces using soap carving technique.

Soap Carving for Bathroom Decor

Soap carving

Soap carving

Soap carving is a cross between modeling, creating sculptures or ornaments on a solid surface. However, soap carving distinguishes from other similar kinds of art by availability of this type of manual work. Everyone can try his hand at these activities, as all needed materials and tools can be easily found in every home.

Having mastered the skill of carving on top of the soap, you can create amazingly beautiful items that will look very organic in a bathroom interior. The factors like high humidity and temperature in the room, the lack of sunlight , etc., lead to the fact that for it is not always possible to use conventional decor items, such as fresh flowers, objects made of paper or cloth, as they quickly come into disrepair.

Soap carving

Soap carving

Décor made of soap thrive in conditions of a bathroom, inherently consistent with this premise. And even if they begin to lose the appearance, they can be used for its intended purpose. You can make any figure of a soap: flowers, animals , household items, etc.

It is believed that all kinds of carving were born in the Asian countries. As for the soap carving, it is the ancient art of Thai artists. Those who have been to Thailand, probably saw the work of local craftsmen, and maybe even brought them as souvenirs.

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