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Reversed Volumes Bowls

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Imagine kitchenware accesories that are not only eco-friendly, but also take the form of the vegetables or fruits they contain! Pretty futuristic you would say, however not to the Mischer’Traxler! Let’c chek out their exciting collection of food safe resin bowls!

Food Safe Resin Bowls by Mischer’Traxler

Days of daydreaming about food safe kitchen accessories are long gone with these new exciting collection of resin bowls by Mischer’Traxler! Australian based company, Mischer’Traxler has produced an exciting collection of ecologically sound food safe products for the table, the Reserved Volumes Bowls. The trick in these bowls is that they preserve the original form of the fruit or vegetable that they contain. So you can actually see the real imprint of the vegetable, sort of like a fancy death mask.
But jokes apart, these bowls are trully unique, as the technology allows it. In every bowl there a ceramic powder which allowed the imprint to take place. The concept of “Reversed Bowls” was initially displayed and developed for FoodMarketo, a pop up shop organised by DesignMarketo, Apartamento Magazine and Marion Friedmann during Milan Design Week 2010. However, they have gotten so popular that the present collection was displayed during the Maison&Objet 2013 Paris exhibition of decor and design. These bowls are NOT wash disher safe and oven proof, but it is not a best idea to put them into the microwave oven. Here is an official information from Mischer’Traxler:

“The space between a vessel and a fruit/vegetable is filled with ceramics. After the original organic material is taken away, the bowl preserved the actual imprint. The surface of each fruit/vegetable is detailed represented and let’s the user see it from a different view. The use of ceramic powder, which becomes really hard without being fired, gives the possibility that each bowl is as unique as the actual used fruit /vegetable. Therefore each cast bowl is an unique piece. So far the reversed volumes bowls are made with the imprints of: cauliflower, celeriac, cabbage, melon, red beet, fennel, green apple, yellow pepper and orange. A special edition of coffee and sugar bowls was made for foodmarketo’s ‘coffee & friends’ exhibition”.

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