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Red TELEPHONE Box In Interior Design

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If you are a fan of England the legendary red Telephone box in the interior will certainly tell your guests about it. There are various home decorations designed in the form of a TELEPHONE box such as bookends, clocks and mugs but there are various other ways including DIY to add TELEPHONE box inspired designs to your interior.


The phone box-inspired door is not only an eye catcher but it also sets a mood for the room adding a vintage city feel to it. The door can be custom-made to look like a phone box door or a regular door can be painted to imitate the TELEPHONE box.

Wall Decals

TELEPHONE box decals or posters can add a pop of color to the wall as well as be used in wall decor in form of pictures, artworks and other things.


The phone box-shaped furniture is another creative way to incorporate a legendary phone box into your home decor. Box Lounger by Benjamin Shine is a great example of how a TELEPHONE box can be transformed into statement furniture.

TELEPHONE Box In Interior Design


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