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Recycled Cutlery In Home Decor

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Cutlery is not only functional but is very decorative too. Embellished handles and decorative pieces make cutlery a great material for home decorations and accessories. Cutlery can be used as it is or repurposed and recycled into other different home decorations and accessories.

Cutlery makes for interesting DIY wall decor. Spray paint old spoons and forks and hang them on the wall or fix them to the old frames or cutlery boxes to achieve a neat decorative look. Spoons, metalic or plastic can also be used to create mirror frames, wreaths and clocks. These can be created with help of glue and some old unusued cutlery.

In table decor cutlery can also be used as different decorations beside its primary purpose. A curved fork can make for a creative napkin ring or an old flattened spoons can be used as markers for guests in a wedding reception or a party.

There are designers who create lamps and chandeliers out of old cutlery or just the spoons. The creative lights look playful and interesting and can be used in a dining room decor or a kitchen.

Garden can also be decorated with all cutlery. The spoon and fork markers can be used to indicate which plants and herbs grow in the garden or they could be used to create garden sculptures and different accessories.

Recycled Cutlery Decorations


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