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Pumpkin Carving Basics

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What Halloween can be without pumpkin carvings? This post presents pumpkin carving basic techniques, that will help you with a process.


Pumpkin carving 101

Can you imagine Halloween without jack-o-lanters? Let’s master the traditional technique and not spoil the holliday, shall we? So here is the Pumpkin Carving 101! Before you start carving the pumpkins, you need to clear the needed space. Put something around that area, where the little pumpkins parts would go, so that can be easily removed.

One of the most important part of carving 101 is to empty the pumpkin. There are two options: top and bottom. Top cut out is good for ventilation, while the bottom one is good for attaching an electric device for illumination. The cut should be big enough for your hand, a spoon to carve out the insides. Now starts the fun part: actual pattern carving!

First off, draw the design of the one you intend to make on the pumpkin. Start with simple designs, such as classic Jack-o-lanterns. If you are drawing on the pumpkin, use the erasible marker. Now, cut out the top and the template you have. Now it is only your patience and skill!

Pumpkin Templates


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