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Fun Things for Home Interior

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Sometimes even in the most serious interior there is a room for fun. And here various accessories and even furniture can help. Fun things sometimes add playfulness and are very relaxing. And guests will not only pay attention to such things, but also will have fun and be happy.

Fun Accessories and Furnishings for Home Interior

KinderGround carpet

KinderGround carpet 

Build your carpet

New York-based company has released the KinderGround modular carpet of cheerful colors, which can be collected independently of three types of parts.

According to the designers, the carpet was conceived as an original solution for children’s rooms, but soon gained popularity among adults. Carpet can be assembled from modules of three types: triangular, hexagonal and diamond-shaped. Each of the modules can be decorated with six different patterns and produced in five different color combinations. That means that you can come up with different designs of the carpet almost endlessly.

Power extender in form of a necklace

Designers love to give subjects a look, which makes them look like a completely unexpected “prototypes”. Thus, a California designer David Okum invented a power extender Oon Power Outlet, which resembles a modern necklace with large details strung on colored wire.

Single sockets are built-in wooden blocks of different colors, and the smooth wooden beads are used not just for decoration. They divide sockets so that they were easy to use.

Due to the fact that all the elements of the extender are strung on wire, the cubes-outlets can be rotated in different directions. It makes Oon Power Outlet even more convenient.

Tuttomio bud-chair

Milanese designer Emanuele Magini invented Tuttomio chair for Campeggi. It completely hides a person sitting in it from prying eyes and bustle.

The designer borrowed the design of Tuttomio from nature. Two parts inserted into each other are rotating relative to each other. In one of the positions they form high cocoon-like flower bud.

Despite the fact that the designer calls Tuttomio as a chair, this piece of furniture is a complete workstation. He set a small countertop inside the chair, behind which you can comfortably accommodate a computer or papers and do your own things without distractions.

While working over the armchair, Emanuele Magini created furniture not for home, but for public spaces: libraries, airports and offices, because sometimes even during working hours a person needs to be alone.


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