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Poetic Solar Lamp By J.M.Massaud

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Contemporary decor accessories can be quite puzzling, don’t you think? Jean Marie Massaud, Paris-based designer has created a unique poetic outdoor lighting feature – Solar that is a floor and table lamp, and apparently a good conversation starter.

Solar Lamp By Massaud

Solar Lamp

Solar Lamp Used Outdoors

What appears like a circular fluorescent table is in fact a floor lamp, however, as described by the designer – it is not simply a lamp, it is a new concept that is rather poetic. The creation of this object resulted from a personal approach to space, as mentioned by the designer, therefore, we see that poetic Solar Lamp has a deep concept that the designer tried to convey to the world through this creation. The hemispherical form of the lamp is referring to the celestial vault, and the still surface of the top looks like an eclipse.

A contemporary hearth to gather around, which irradiates a warm ambient light, a diffused glow, both poetic and relaxing, marked by a line that mirrors the terrestrial curve, in sync with nature.

Solar lamp is meant to create a conversation between nature and culture, by referring to the changes of day and night. The source of light is enclosed into transparent hemisphere and sort of appears to be pushed downwards so that the light is a diffused luminous glow. The lamp is available in two versions, one for indoor use the other for the outdoor use.

The indoor version slightly differs from the outdoor one, as its resting surface is slightly sunken with edges being above the surface. The outdoor version features a completely flat surface so that rain drops can slide off the top and bring no harm to the light. While the hemisphere material is the same waterproof polyethylene for both versions the finishes for the top surfaces are different – one being glossy white or dark wood, while the outdoor Solar lamp features a textured material.

Solar lamp can be used in various positions, and it can actually be tilted by 15°. Of course the quality of lighting changes and creates different kind of mood. The Solar lights can be used in clusters or can create beautiful pathways.

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