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Peculiar Wooden Lamps of the Future

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The recent trend for the peculiar wooden pieces is rising, and here we will present three distinct designs of peculiar wooden lamps of the future! Stick around to learn about these cool designer lamps, and maybe you will choose a perfect lamp just for you.

Interesting Wooden Lamp Designs

If you like to explore new accessories for your home, this is probably one of the best ways to know the latest creations! We will start with exploring the Kino Lamps by Krizalidstudio, with a unique mushrooms shape.
The lamp collection consists of three different lams in size, but they are absolutely identical in design. As described by Krizalidstudio, this is “family of lamps made from a single bent plywood sheet (also available in aluminum), with a wooden base acting as a counterbalance”. The following lamps were made with a unique technique of wood bending. Isn’t it a marvelous creation?
The second in our collection is the DRSL Paparazzi Lamp by Mónoculo Design Studio. This unique lamp imitates camera lens, which is handmade with the most top quality materials. The lens hood can be reverse mounted or completely reversed. If you wonder about the material, from which the lamp is made from it is the alder wood, with a water based varnish and beeswax. As you can guess, the lamp is really environmentally friendly. If you or someone you love is fan photography, this lamp is a perfect gift, don’t you think?
The third wooden invention is the ‘Oo’ desk lamp by Oslo based designer Sverre Uhnger. As you can see, and as explicitly stated by the designer, was the “fascination with lathed wooden balls”. If you are curious about the name, it stands for two spheres, a small and a big circle, which comprise the whole lamp. The “Oo” lamp is made from “solid wood, which is mounted with a custom switch and a high power 5 watt LED”, which makes it futuristic, yet very stylish. If you would want to move the lamp around, it moves “freely through the stem, which makes it possible to adjust the shade in height and angle”.

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