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Original Surgically Altered Ceramics

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Surgery is a delicate and responsible affair. Any false move of a doctor can lead to irreversible consequences. On the other hand, surgery helps save the life of a patient. Meanwhile, not only people can be surgically altered, but also chinaware. English ceramist Beccy Ridsdel played a role of an unusual “surgeon”.

Original Surgically Altered Ceramics by Beccy Ridsdel

Image Courtesy by Beccy Ridsdel

Image Courtesy by Beccy Ridsdel

Beccy Ridsdel is a porcelain fairy. She can see the soul of porcelain and show us what is hidden behind its white satin surfaces.

To do this she needs only surgical instruments and a little free time. Thus an original art project called Image Courtesy was created, in which ceramics shows us all its colorful secrets.

The result is an unusual collection of white dishes with floral pattern inside. The designer simply cut in half some of the plates and garnished them with a pattern on the cut place. Some items were molded so that the dishes, like a snake, take off “the skin”. And under “the skin” there is a new kind of plates with different patterns and textures. Medical scissors, set on a cut, emphasize similarity with surgery. Each item has an individual pattern of dishes and the nature of the cut.

Beccy Ridsdel is trying to show the world that every white façade hides colorful reality, eternal spring, which is ready to impress us with its colors.

In her Image Courtesy project, Beccy Ridsdel uses porcelain, surgical instruments and an inherent sense of humor. And we have the opportunity to admire, how a plain white tableware shows us its bright, colorful essence.

Beccy Ridsdel received her profession by inheritance. Her mother was a ceramist, and the girl decided to go in the footsteps of her parent, when she grew up. She worked at York College for 10 years, and then decided to radically change her approach to the creation of pottery. Beccy Ridsdel is not agree with people, who perceive ceramics as a craft, not as a separate art form.

The collection of “surgically altered” dishes became a challenge to society, an attempt to prove that even an ordinary dish can conceal a lot of surprises.

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