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Ori Lighting Series

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if fabric would meet technology? Well, Producks design studio and textile designer Mika Barr apparently were also thinking of that when they created this incredible, weird Ori Lighting Series, so let’s check it out!

Light Accessories by Producks design studio and Mika Barr

Do you like to be original in interior decorating, to the point that the furnishing item looks not practical at all? If that is your story, then you would definitely enjoy the Ori Lighting Series by designer Mika Barr and Producks design studio, which present this unique concept recently. The series is composed from several lighting fixtures: pendant lamp, a floor lamp and a table lamp, however all of them share the unique geometrical cloud shape. This weird shape is made possible by folding the fabric with a unique print on it, on the underlying structure, however the design seems to belong to Mika’s Folding Apart fabric.
If you are confused about the obscure name of the lighting series, Ori here is a little story to that. “Ori” stands for folding in Japanese, which seems to reflect the shape of the lamp, while “Or” also means light in Hebrew! How awesome is that? So, there are two meanings for the same word, and both of them perfectly display the function and shape of the product. But hold on, there is more to that! Although each lamp is following the original design by Mika Barr, the creators have made the user part of the shaping process.
The shape of the Ori lighting can be altered by the user: “The folding affects the shape when the light fixture is turned off and even more so when it’s turned on, giving the light many tones and shades”. If you are wondering about the process of changing the bulb in the lighting fixture, you would be surprised – because to change the bulb you will have to unzip the pillow like container, what is actually the structure of the Ori Lighting Series. Currently, the Ori lamps are available only in limited edition, however the designers are in search of a mass manufacturer. How awesome is that?!

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