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Obelia1 Lamp

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Have you ever wondered how much time it takes to make one single decor accessory? Well, if the designer is really committed to his idea, he can spend a couple of years on his creation, like did the author of Obelia 1 lamp.


Amazing Obelia

Obelia 1 is a conceptual design lamp that has been thoroughly and carefully crafted for a very long time. Created by Barry Magazinovic, an Australia based designer, who was apparently enthralled by developing something extraordinary out of usual materials, like plastic, paper and metal. Each piece has been remade up to 50 times, before it achieved its perfectness and equality with the other pieces.

The time, which Magazinovic spend on his creation is undefined, but explained by designer’s fascination by the natural beauty, thus he wanted to achieve a high level of similarity between natural curves and man-made accessory. The lamp is illuminated by LED technology which allows up to 30, 000 hours of use. The amazing Obelia 1 is designed for simple pleasure of seeing it, using it and desiring it. It is certainly an eye catching piece of art, don’t you think?

Obelia 1 Excellence

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