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Nube Lamp By Christian Mohamed

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Lamps nowadays are an essential part of the interior, and at times they can constitute interior décor style on its own, or perhaps become a focal point of the interior. The Nube lamp from Christian Mohamed is an amazing contribution to the style, interior and décor.

Nube Lamp

Nube lamp as a décor item

Nube lamp, a simple yet awesome lamp design from Christian Mohamed, Lafeliz design company, has proven its functionality and style. Coming as pretty simple lamp design, it also has some texture claims, and as we know texture is an important component of the interior design.

The Nube Lamp presents itself as woven plastic wicker lampshade, with a bi-layered acrylic foot that is available in different colors, such as white, black, red and even yellow. The inverted C pattern of the lamp is very functional and yet remains to be modern looking and suitable for rustic and contemporary interior designs.

The intriguing aspect for those DIY fans, is that this lamp has been woven completely handmade! This guarantees the design uniqueness of each Nube lamp. Each lamp coming with a unique lampshade and available in different colors, is a amazing contribution to any interior design and any room, be it office, home library, living room or even a bedroom.

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