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Nendo Shivering Bowls

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Do you like delicate porcelain kitchenware? And what if it was so delicate as to shiver from the slightest touch? Don’t believe it? Check out the Nendo Shivering Bowls!

Delicate Bowls by Nendo

Imagine bowls that are so delicate that if you touch them they shiver. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Well, aparently everybody else was amazed as well, when Nendo presented these awesome bowls at the KAMA. Sex & Design exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Japanese company Nendo is famous for its unique furnishing designs, and doesn’t miss a chance to exhibit their collections.
Well, aparently these bowls are not from porcelain, but from silicon, but they are perfect! Eight designers were asked to create the representation of Eros in their understanding and they created ultra thin and delicate containers. The exhibition will take place from December 5 2012 to 10th March 2013 in Milan, Italy and don’t miss your chance if you happen to be nearby. Meanwhile, here is a description from the designers:

“We located the intersection of eros and design in the spiritual pleasure provided by an object’s touch… The bowl resembles a ceramic one, but with a tension to this perception, generated by the extreme thinness that would be impossible to achieve with clay. The bowl changes shape as easily as liquid when it is touched, and continues to quiver momentarily in response to the outside force. We wanted to express eros through a design that invokes desire – a design that viewers simply can’t bear not to touch.”


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