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Modern Ceramic Sculpture

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Sculpture can be a very cute addition to your interior design. This post will help you to navigate in the world of modern ceramic sculpture, as it changes so fast and takes many weird forms.

ceramic sculpture

Contemporary Ceramic Art

This post is an introduction into the world of the ceramic art. The first sculpture collection that opens our post is the works of Matthew Chambers. His latest collection is very abstract, yet has some space like quality to it. Matthew created a collection of sphere like sculptures, which has some eerie quality to them. They look both alluring and creepy, in their space like shapes and colors. Especially intriguing seems to be his light blue spherical sculpture. Matthew Chambers is very enthusiastic about his ceramic collection, as they present a manifestation of ceramic art.

Another set of contemporary ceramic sculpture is shown in the work of Evan Hobart with his amazing urban landscape on the ceramic polar bear skull. He called his masterpiece “Away we Go”, and portrayed there an intricate urban scenery with a futuristic twist. His artwork is an amazing example of how delicate and magnificent can be ceramic sculpture. Each detail is craftly carved with great attention and inspiration. His ceramic sculpture plays with ideas of humanity and nature, as he cramps them together in the little island on the polar bear skull. A truly magnificent piece of ceramic art!

ceramic sculpture

Eva Hild ceramic sculptures also present a twist of surrealism and ideology to the craft. Her sculptures force a sense of zero gravity, as they seem to be floating in the air. Looking simple in its design, they provoke the futuristic sensations, if present in contemporary décor. Swedish artist Eva Hild offers ceramic sculptures with translucent quality to them. They are no doubt very abstract, because they represent the inner world of the creator. However, they are different in being abstract from Matthew Chambers works.

ceramic sculpture

All of the works presented share some unique quality of being a contemporary ceramic art, while reminding of the future. All three artists deal differently with their ceramics, one making it concrete, the other making it ivory, and third making it float in the air. As you see, ceramic sculptures are to be found everywhere, and can suit any interior décor.

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