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Mirror in Interior Design

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Do live in a small apartment or house? If yes, then perhaps you look for ways to enlarge your space with some decor accessories? This is the post for you, because here we discuss using mirrors in interior design!

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Even if your living space is not small, mirrors can be of use to any interior design. Mirrors are excellent decor accessories as they add depth, light, space and style to the interior. Some are convinced that mirrors have some magical quality to them, but if you are not scared to use them in your house, follow up!

Even the traditional mirror of an average size in a wooden frame can add style to your interior. Bigger mirrors can create an illusion of a window, enlarging the space. Mirrors can make your room appear brighter, by reflecting off the light from the actual window. Another option is to put a full sized mirror in a frame, this can add dramatic effect to the apartment. But a trully stylish addition to your house would be an artwork out of mirrors.

You can start from attaching small mirrors t the wall in some order, just use your imagination. This way you can create a composition out of small and big sized mirrors. The reall art comes alive when you hang the mirrors on the right space, make sure that you enjoy the doubled image. So you see, using mirrors can significantly imporve your interior, without spending much!

Mirror inspiration


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