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Metallic Accents You’ll Want in Your Decor Right Now

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Metallic accents are becoming more and more prevalent in home decor. The most popular are lighting fixtures and chairs/stools, which make for not only great home accessories but also gifts. Modern homes are often neutral in color but even bright color schemes can benefit from metallic accents.

Metallic Accents For Home Decor

Metallic kitchen lights

Beside chrome and stainless steel there are metallic accessories that come in gold, bronze, and copper/rose gold. You can find lots of tableware in metallic finish and also use trays to add to your living room decor. Side tables are also look great in metal.

Mixing and  matching different metallic finishes and tones is also possible. In the picture above the silver tones blend with the white color scheme making them absolutely unnoticeable next to gold light fixtures and bowl.

There aren’t just lamps and vases available in colorful metallics though. You can also find stools, table, and bed frames in metal finishes that would look great in a modern interior. What do you think?

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