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Mascots in Interior Design

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The late twentieth and early twenty-first century witnessed a revival of interest in all sorts of magical things. On the one hand, it is a bit strange, as technical progress can not keep up with superstitions. But on the other hand, in the age of rationalism we especially want to believe that miracles do happen.

Mascots and Amulets in Interior Design: World’s Mascots

Decorative horseshoe

Decorative horseshoe

For this reason, all of us are so interested in a variety of mascots and amulets. Some of them can be placed in the house. And they generally can influence the lives of people in the apartment. Interior mascots are a great way to protect and decorate your home.


This object is known for its magical properties in many nations of the world. Horseshoe is a mascot, bringing luck and happiness. It fulfills the wishes of the person, who found it. A horseshoe is usually placed above the entrance door. In order to make the talisman work, you need to find it by yourself. But it is extremely difficult to do this. Therefore, people have come up to create decorative horseshoes.

Egyptian mascot

Egypt is a place rich with all sorts of artifacts, amulets and mascots. Famous mascot in Egypt is a scarab beetle. This amulet is universal. It can be worn as jewelry, or you can decorate the room with a statuette of scarab beetle.

Native American mascots

The most famous mascots that can be used for interior decoration are calumet and “Dream catchers”. We associate Indian calumets with truce between tribes. But the Indians used calumets in many other situations, where they needed to find solution to a complex problem.

Chinese mascots

The most popular interior design talismans are Chinese mascots. They can be seen in many modern apartments. For example, a fan is not only very beautiful interior decoration, but it is also an excellent way to improve the atmosphere in the house.

Many people have dragon and toad figurines at home. Dragon is a talisman that gives wealth, success and happiness.

It is not necessary to overload the space with mascots of different countries of origin and destination. This will create a stylistic disunity of the space. If you decided to decorate a room with a mascot, it is worth to know in advance, how to handle it and where to place it in the house.


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