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Mailbox Design Ideas

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Mailboxes can be in a variety of designs, but they generally should be serving their original purpose – storage of mail. Let’s consider some of the mailbox designs that will make your house stand out in a new intriguing way!

Mailbox Variations

Mailboxes are an important instrument in communication with the rest of the world. While you live in a big apartment complex, the design of your mailbox might not be causing any confusion as they are all a set of square boxes, that all look alike. However, if you live in a private house somewhere in the suburb, this might really be an issue. Have you ever thought about different variations where mailbox can become a unique accessory that would complement the general curb appeal of your house property? Well, here it is!
One of the easiest ways to make a unique mailbox is to customize the existing one. However, before installing the customized one, make sure to check the authorities’ regulations. Usually, the custom made design matches the existing exterior, so to say the architectural backdrop of the house. However, nothing can prevent you from making additional details on the mailbox, such as flowers, abstract lines, mini houses, animals – practically anything as long as it corresponds to the main function of the mailbox and correlates with the regulations posed by your neighborhood. You can even make your own custom mailbox cover, with any appropriate artwork. For this you will need to measure your mailbox to give it an appropriate cover, which can be made practically from anything from leftover wallpaper, a holiday shopping bag, or an old favorite T-shirt. To protect the cover from the weather conditions, make sure to laminate them. Another important feature is to remember, that the mailboxes which are located on the roadside need to be from 41 to 45 inches in height, which will allow the postman to deliver the mail without exiting the vehicle. There should be no obstructions leading to your mailbox, as it can make the work of the postman harder.

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