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Magic Box of Old Suitcase for Craftswoman

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Enjoy needlework? The whole house is littered with rolls of fabric, tangles, threads, napkins for decoupage and jars with beads? Enough! Sort out the mess by gathering everything you need for crafts in one place. An old suitcase could be such a place. You can not only store, but also carry needlework in a suitcase, if you, for example, are going to spend the summer in the countryside.

5 Ideas to Transform Old Suitcase Into Crafty Suitcase

Crafty suitcase for knitting

Crafty suitcase for knitting

This idea can be useful for an artist who likes original solutions.

Suitcase for crafts from store as a source of inspiration

This suitcase-chest is in demand in the shop for the needle. Based on this suitcase, you can do a similar suitcase-chest with your own hands, adapting it to your specific needs.

Maximal order in the suitcase for needlework

Sew the pockets or holders for small items along the walls of the suitcase. Little things can also be stored in bags or small purses with a zipper. If you have a lot of large objects, then insert separators made ​​of colored cardboard.

Not only the inside wall of the suitcase, but also its cover will be useful to store items. You can sew there pockets and holders for coils, jars of beads, sets of buttons, needles and pins, scissors, knitting needles and other tools. If you like sketching future products, then attach the notebook to the cover.

Small suitcases

Small suitcases can be adapted to a particular favorite type of creativity (or some type of hardware) or do for little daughter doing the first steps in needlework.

Convenient handstitched box for fans of knitting

Make convenient holders on the inside of the cover, and let the main compartment will be free: it perfectly accommodates skeins of yarn.

Box for an artist

Artists can store palette, brushes and pencils in such a box. They no longer will have to shake them from the bottom of the bag.

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