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Light Pendants by Tom Dixon

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It always starts out with one amazing light pendant and then the room starts to develop.  Once you have an accessory that can inspire you to go on with the decorating your room, it can be easy to search for the necessary and suitable decorative items for the interior. Lights work a colossal work. The light pendants give the atmosphere to the room; either you want it to be romantic, classic, or somehow aggressive, or even a fantasy look. Tom Dixon’s light pendants are the ones that can attract and amaze you.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon, OBE was born 21 May 1959, Sfax, Tunisia. He is a self-taught British designer specialized in welded salvage furniture. He was born in Tunisia to a French mother and English father. He moved to Great Britain at the age of four. He attended Holland Park School where he formed a disco-punk band called Funkapolitan. Dixon has been head of design for the Habitat chain of furniture stores (1997), and of the Finnish furniture manufacturer Artek. His artistic career began when he discovered pleasure in welding while repairing damaged motorcycle frames, after having been forced to leave his band because he broke his leg in a motorcycle accident.

Dixon became known as a designer when his S-Chair was manufactured by Giulio Cappellini. He holds an Honorary Doctorate from Birmingham City University (2004), and was awarded an OBE for services to British Design in 2000. He lives in London with his wife and two daughters and is often seen with his blind and deaf poodle, Molly.

Tom Dixon’s Light Pendants

Tom Dixon’s Beat Lights

Beat lights

Beat Lights

One of the best designs are Tom Dixon’s beautiful ‘Beat’ lights.  They are a great balance between contemporary and classic – which is incredibly difficult to achieve, especially when it comes to lighting. The combination of shapes and the beaten brass interiors is amazing.

Tom Dixon’s Void Lamp

Void Lamp

Void Lamp

Void is a lamp series from Tom Dixon. The name says it all about Void, translated it means “cavity”. Actually, the lamps consist of a double-walled metal-screen inspired by the insulated flask principle.

Tom Dixon’s Step Light Tall

Step Light Tall

Step Light Tall

The stainless steel, brass and copper lamp reminds of golden, silver and bronze Olympia medals because of its color. The mystic light object runs with a powerful halogen bulb that is focused to a beam because of the deepened form of the lamp screen.

A series of concentric spot shades. Made from solid copper, which have been spun and highly polished to give a warm and burnished light. Both the interior and exterior are lacquered to prevent oxidization. The stepped form creates unusual shadows.

Tom Dixon’s Mirror Ball

Mirror Ball

Mirror Ball

A highly reflective shade inspired by the space helmet. The Mirror Ball is created by exploding a thin layer of pure metal onto the internal surface of a polycarbonate globe. This has become one of the most iconic products in the collection.

Tom Dixon’s Fin and Etch Web Lights

Fin and Etch Web Lights

Fin and Etch Web Lights

Tom Dixon has launched two new lighting pieces, ‘Fin’ and ‘Etch Web, which explore the aesthetic results of industrial machinery and geometry respectively.

The result is a self-contained piece featuring both shade and light in one. A heat sink, an extruded aluminum component used to cool electrical equipment, is given center stage forming the body and structure of the fixture.

Designed to give an intense brightness, the six high-powered LED diodes are magnified through a giant acrylic lens to give a broadened beam of light. Making a feature of every mechanic, these six modules are fixed to an exposed printed circuit board proudly visible through the lens.

Etch Web is a vast 65cm wide shade with an unusual open structure, designed to cast atmospheric angular shadows when lit.

Despite its size, the enormous globe is actually surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at only 980 grams; with a correspondingly ethereal visual attitude.

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