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Light Fixtures by Flos at Euroshop 2014

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During the Euroshop 2014 exhibition in Dusseldorf Flos has presented various options for a creative approach to lighting using the latest innovative LED models Flos Architectural, including the Circle of Light, Running Magnet, Light Cut, Moonline and Skim Led, as well as such iconic decorative fixtures as Tatou by Patricia Urkvioly from the Soft Architecture collection.

Soft Architecture Light Fixtures by Flos at Euroshop 2014

The Running Magnet by Flos Architectural

The Running Magnet by Flos Architectural

The technology, introduced by Flos, allows you to manage all aspects of lighting, adapting it to the needs of the objects demonstration. They also make use of LED lighting advantageous in terms of cost of electricity, its durability, and integrity of the architectural decisions.

Circle of light designed by Flos Architectural

Circles on the ceiling enhance visual perception and the feeling of spaciousness as a luminous compass. This lighting system for indoor use consists of a round metal structure, on which LED spotlights of the new generation are installed.

Moonline designed by Frank Sinnaeve and Stephan Gunst

Recessed luminaire that is set on the plasterboard ceiling or wall, fits perfectly into the architectural space. Moonlight strip consists of extruded aluminum profiles and systems bindings on the magnets, which hold the light source module with LEDs of the new generation.

The Running Magnet by Flos Architectural

Recessed luminaire is set on the plasterboard ceiling or wall. It consists of a series of magnetic profiles (24V/max 10A). These modules include a lighting system mounts on magnets, providing them with full mobility. Thanks to these anchorages The Running magnet becomes extremely flexible. It allows you not only changing the distribution of modules, lighting, but also adding more spotlights.

Skim Led designed by Flos Architectural

Recessed luminaire with LED source contains elliptical lenses, allowing distributing light on a vertical surface. Skim Led lights are offered in different lengths. They can be connected with each other and easily tailored to different spaces. Due to their small size, they are easily integrated into the architectural environment.

Tatou designed by Patricia Urquiola

The lamp is made of four identical interlocking elements forming a dome, which diffuses direct light up or down, and allows the light to pass through and out of it. Thus, it creates a harmonious play of light and shadow through the perforated part of its decor.


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