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Lanterns in Interior Design

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Light accessories is one of the most amazing decor items, as it is certainly present in any interior and leaves much space for individualization. This post revolve around using lantern in interior design.

Lanterns in Decorating

Using lanterns as decor items is not only pretty, it is also functional. There are several ways that you can incorporate the transparent cube into the interior. Because lanterns are not hindered by the lampshade, essentially they give off more light. Consider how much prettier is pure light when compared to the hidden light of the lampshade. Lanters as decor elements are usually used by their direct purpose – illumination, however that is not the rule.

Usually lanters are used as little lamps, but sometimes some creative minds use bigger lanterns as chandeliers. The first category of lanterns is used majorly for accessorizing, because it is fun to create center pieces with transparent cubes, that give off the light. The chandelier lanterns comprise astonishing compositions of the transparent lighting fixture and the illumination it gives off to the dwellers. They are not necesserally big, however they can look quite astonishing, especially if multiplied. Check out some

inspirational usage of lanterns in interior design:

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