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Kitchenware décor items

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Some of us spend a lot of time in their kitchens, and some forget that kitchen also needs to be stylish! This post will introduce to the amusing and funky kitchenware décor items, from various tea infusers to stylish napkin holder.


Funky Kitchen appliances

Kitchen ware is an important aspect of our interior. This post will tell you all about funky and stylish kitchen appliances, from napkin holders, rolling pins, tea infusers and owen mittens. Amazing napkins are opening our list. There are really many of them, but the cutest and impressive ones are: toreador napkin holder from Artori Design, depicts the bull and toreador. This napkin holder looks right with the red napkins of course. Another one of the cute napkin holders is the Dripping napkin holder also from Artori Design. This napkin holder is designed to look like dripping blood, if your napkins are bloody red. The last in our list of amazing napkin holders is Servietta, the Swiss ballerina napkin holder, which offers napkins from her skirt.

The next would go funky owen mittens. Potholders are an enormous part of our cooking process. These B-bit oven mittens look like cartoon pixel mittens. There are many of the kind, that were inspired by the ancient computer games, like these Pacman. Vulcan Salute oven mitten pot holders, that imitates the famous gesture from Star Track movie. It would also amuse fans of “Big Band theory” show.

However, the most inspiring kitchenware collection is the collection of tea infusers. For those of you tea lovers out there, this post will tell you all about most creative and amazing tea infusers. Tea infusers, are a like a little teapots, but for one cup. These designer tea infusers, showed that tea drinking can not only be fun, it can also be creative. Check out this amazing Shark infuser by Pablo Matteoda, which if flowing in your tea could be pretty awesome, especially if your drink hibiscus tea, as it spreads its crimson color, which resembles blood. Another cute tea infuser is the Tea Diver, which looks like an ancient diver costume. It is made out of silicone, and is all transparent. For the kids, there are dinosaur tea infusers and fruit ones; there are also the cute little planter tea infusers.

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