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Keep Doors Open with Doorstops

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Closed doors obstruct the view and keep objects hidden behind while also providing us with much needed privacy. But don’t you sometimes wish for an open plan? One big space that includes all of the areas where the family can interact at any given moment and enjoy the airy spacious atmosphere in the entire house.

Creative Doorstops To Keep Doors Open

Paper Airplane Doorstop

Paper airplane doorstop

If your house plan isn’t open you can use doorstops to keep all the rooms connected through open doors. These little cute accessories allow you to create an open layout and let the air and light travel from room to room.

Doorstops are great home decorations that can be fun, beautiful, and stylish. They can be shaped as animals, toys, various objects and even words. It’s up to you to choose what kind of doorstop will fit any particular room in your house.

You can also make your own doorstops from decorative rocks and heavy objects you no longer use. You can decorate them to make them look something other than random things tucked under the door. While de-cluttering your basement, attic or house in general look for interesting and unique things and estimate their quality as doorstops. If they fit you can easily save a few bucks on actual store-bought doorstops.

When choosing a doorstop consider the room’s atmosphere and style. In a luxury bedroom a fun doorstop will look out of place while an antiquated one will look odd in a kid’s room.

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