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Kaza Concrete Tiles

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Would you ever imagine that concrete can be quite delicate? Well, the Kaza concrete company proves it with presenting these marvelous tiles at the recent London exhibition. Let’s take a closer look!

Unique Tiles from Concrete by Kaza Concrete

KAZA Concrete is an innovation-focused fine-concrete design and manufacture company. Their innovation is in their rethinking of the brutal and unattractive essence of concrete and turning it into something completely stunning and delicate.
The Kaza Concrete company is based in Szentendre, Hungary, they are “encompassing smart concrete architectural and design element creations which elevate the material from its industrial origins”. As mentioned by the company, the focus of their activity is exploration of new design opportunities through “exposing concrete through the intelligent exploitation of the material’s new physical and aesthetic properties, utilizing its own logic to create new value in interior design”.
Having this in mind, it’s no wonder that the debut that was presented in 100% Design show, during the London Design Festival. The Kaza concrete tiles are made to resemble snake skin, at some point and present a lot of variations, and you would be surprised but even different colors: classic grey concrete with some metallic hue, lighter versions of grey, and even (behold), the green variations of concrete! How crazy is that?! The tiles look so amazing, that it is hard to imagine, that they are actually made from concrete, but they are. However, that is true, because according to philosophy of Kaza Concrete, certainly explains its procedures:
“New materials, mixtures and processes we apply work this ancient matter to emerge out of its rigid, massive and grey only image and become a sensual yet durable raw material perfectly suitable for the implementation of creative design ideas. An attractive opportunity for us and interior designers to think beyond product catalogues, a means to combine technical knowledge and artistry”

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