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Interesting Items for Kitchen

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Kitchen is a place for warm meetings, feasts and gatherings, which has “overgrown” with  different gadgets, accessories and other things. Different kitchen appliances show how much designers are interested in cooking and table setting.

Kitchen Appliances by Modern Designers




Hybrid Collection, conceptual dishes by Seletti

Italian company Seletti created a collection of conceptual dishes called Hybrid Collection. It includes cups, plates, bowls, combining two different halves of the world – East and West. The items consist of two completely different parts, each of which is decorated with the eastern and western designs.

Spoons, plates and cutting boards with neon tips became the leitmotif for the design series of wooden utensils Wind and Willow Home. Designers believe that these colors will inspire everyone for culinary feats and create a good mood.

Students from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam modernized a traditional rolling pin with the help of digital technologies. The surfaces of the rolling pins are covered by patterns and rounded notches. Combining the different types of rolling pins you can make interesting patterns and reliefs on dough.

Designer Wei Young developed an item called Scoop Server, reminiscent of a two-storey plate. Each of the two deep hemispheres can be used to place there well blended products and, thus, present them at the reception as a complete dish.

Kaleido is a set of square plates of different sizes, which are easily assembled together. This constructor is designed for Hay brand by Swedish designer Clara Von Zweigbergk. It is compact in storage and can form different geometric patterns, creating a fun serving.

Italian designer Andrea Ponti has designed wooden kitchen knives Fusion, using modern technology and the Japanese national wood craft. The cutting items are made ​​of solid wood and handcrafted by Japanese master Issei Hanaoka.

The knives with a serrated blade are suitable for cutting bread, and with smooth blade – for cheese, vegetables, fruits and desserts.

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