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Installing Christmas Lights

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One of the most traditional ways to decorate the outdoor and indoor spaces for Christmas, besides the Christmas tree is of course the lighting features! If you don’t already know how to install the Christmas lights, stick around for this easy tutorial!

Christmas Lights Installation

Christmas lights are a traditional decorative feature that is an easy way to soak up the Christmas spirit. If you have decided to decorate your house with Christmas lights, and don’t know from where to start, here are some ideas. First of all examine the facade of the house and think about the best ways to highlight the existing beauty. The most eco-friendly and energy saving choice is using LED lights, so let’s concentrate on that! If you are hesitant on where to start decorating, the most popular choices include – fences, railings, balconies, columns, front door and the roof line – anything that would stand out and can be possibly used for attaching the christmas lights garlands.
Before starting the installation process, check the cords, because broken cords can put you at danger of having a fire.One of the most important things to consider before is the amount of christmas lights that you will need. It is better to have too much, rather than to leave the house decorated only in half! Next step is to find the additional materials, such as nails, screws, staples and hooks with which you will secure the light garlands. It is important to have a ladder handy, as some of the places that need to be decorated are roofs, and they are not easily accesible. Make sure that you have an electrical outlet to plug in the cord, otherwise your christmas lights just won’t work, and for this purpose you might need an extension cord. Don’t allow this cord to be helplessly ruining the whole neat image, attach it the same way as the christmas lights to the wall. Last step is to plug one end of the lights into an extension cord and the other end of the extension cord into an outdoor outlet after all the lights are connected and clipped to the house or tree. When the whole procedure is done, step aside and enjoy the sparkling Christmas view!

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