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How To Use Old Junk In Home Decor

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Discarded junk can be a great source of new and even unique home decorations. Repurposing and recycling things can save lots of money and help you discover new talents in creative handmade department. There can be so many things in places like basements and attics that can be redecorated and given a new life. Doing things yourself can also be a budget way of redecorating your home. Just look at how many ways a ladder can be used in home decor.

Old Doors/Frames/Shutters

To create headboard from junk look for old doors, shutters, painting frames, screens and other such stuff. In some cases you won’t even have to do anything with them except using them as headboard. In other cases you can repaint an old frame or sew a curtain to use as headboard on a curtain rod. Old mirrors can make for good headboards especially those with antique distressed frames.


Old mirrors, dishes and boards make for creative wall decor. Arrangement is the key here so be sure to gather some of these items in different sizes and try a few arrangements on the floor before fixing them to the wall. Upholstered boards can add a pop of color and detail to the wall with bright patterns and prints.

Chairs/Consoles/Furniture Parts

Old chairs and other dysunctional furniture items or furniture parts can be used as shelves, side tables, dressing tables, wall decorations and otherwise repurposed. Chairs can be pulled apart to create a necessary item with a new function and purpose. It can become a stool or a clothes rack.

Trash Cans/Suitcases/Crates

Trash cans, stacked suitcases and crates can make for great side or coffee tables or provide a base for them. Crates are extensively used in multiple numbers to create bed frames, headboards, seats and other various functional and decor elements. Suitcases can be used instead of storage boxes or repurposed to make a pet bed or a nightstand.


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