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Hot Trends: Colored Glass

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Colored glass is able to make most austere interior more positive and beautiful. It will add a marvelous beauty and perfection to your home. Colored glass is one of the most original elements used in a classical interior and in hi-tech style.

Colored Glass as Bright Accents in Interior

Color glass in living room interior design

Color glass in living room interior design

Stained glass, colored glass pieces can be found everywhere in the interior design. Colored glass can safely be called a hot trend this spring.

Using stained glass can emphasize the style of your living space. It’s a beautiful way to add color and sparkle to any design.

Bold, energetic, and cheerful lamps of colored glass add hot chic trend into your interior. Tall, slim, and colorful stained glass vases look attractive in modern space, which showcases the colorful design. Correctly chosen colored glass can perform the color scheme for the entire space as a bright accessory. Have you ever noticed, that you instinctively look across the room to bright subjects in soothing neutral living room?

A designer chandelier made ​​of colored glass will look very original. Properly selected interior style in a living room will make the chandelier the most compelling element, one might even say, the hallmark of the house.

Worktops with colored glass inserts are quite interesting and unusual solution to which you should pay attention. Colored glass adds an interesting fluidity and color, making the countertop almost a work of art.

Talking about art, these unique pieces of colored glass furniture are not only useful, but are totally functional. They are so modern and chic.

Colored glass provides a fantastic way to create a bright space in the bathroom. Colored glass allows a variety of beautiful colors, and adds energy, brightness and elegance, making up the perfect combination.

Color glass in bathroom interior design

Color glass in bathroom interior design

Light bulbs framed with elements of stained glass will serve as ago od complement the hallway interior design. It perfectly complements the design of a wardrobe.

Colored glass is widely used in various decor combinations. It is both original and luxurious interior decorative material, which can adorn the interior of any room.

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