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Herb Garden Ideas

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Excited about growing your own garden, yet don’t have the proper space? How about herb container garden, which can take practically no extra place, give your cuisine fresh home grown herbs and the joy of being a gardener! Here are some simple tips and ideas on growing your your own herb garden!

Growing Herbs in Containers

If you just love cooking, and can’t live without herbs, you have probably considered growing your own herb garden. One of the ideas is make an indoor herb garden in close proximity with your kitchen, however it is better to find the warmest location and with most sun exposure. Herbs, especially culinary ones like up to 10 hours of sunlight. Depending on how you will start growing the herbs, from the seeds, or from bought from their nurseries, there are different options. First of all, decide on what are the best plants for you! Among the most popular choices are: chives, parsley, angelica, borage, chamomile, chervil, cilantro, coriander, fennel, lemon balm, marjoram, sage, stevia, thyme, and winter savory, rosemary and mint. Some of these are easy to use indoors, and start growing from the seeds. One of the easiest herbs to grow are basil, dill, fennel and such.
To make your own container herb garden, after you have chosen the best location and the type, choose the containers. They need to be at least 5 inches in diameter, and there should be the drainage holes. To improve drainage, add a layer of gravel to the base before layering the soil. Now it is time to plant the seeds, and make sure to plant them 3 inches apart, 1 inch deep. Water them to ensure the moist soil, but not too much, because this can provoke fungus. Once your herbs get strong and full grown, use water-soluble fertilizer once in two weeks during the growing season. Take care of your plants during winter time, and make sure that they receive proper sun light and watering. Read carefully about each herb you have planted to make sure that your plants receive a proper care.


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