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Healthy Sleep with Disney & VELUX

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Walt Disney Company and VELUX based on partnership agreement developed a unique collection of fabulous blackout curtains for garret-windows with Disney characters. It is very pleasant to wake up in the morning by the warm rays of sunlight. But quite often the early dawn takes most cherished hours and minutes of sleep. As a result, the person wakes up broken and not rested. It is especially seen in children. However it is extremely important to create optimal conditions for relaxation and healthy sleep for children.

Curtans for Garret-Windows by Disney & VELUX

Curtains by Disney & VELUX

Curtains for boys by Disney & VELUX

To solve this problem, the Disney Company and VELUX have jointly developed a new collection of blackout curtains that give the room the level of illumination, which is necessary to its owner: from soft diffused sunlight to total darkness.

Fabulous new collection of Disney & VELUX is specially designed for children. There is a collection of curtains for children’s rooms. And each model has a unique design. You can see on a bright canvas of blackout curtains the diversity of the famous Disney characters. There are cheerful mouse Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie Mouse, good fawn Bambi, Winnie the Pooh, Princess, etc.

There are six themes for each invented two design solutions: one is brighter, the second – calm and restrained. Overall, the collection includes 12 original fairy designs, from which you can choose not only the favorite cartoon character, but also the necessary color scheme. The design takes into account a variety of stylistic preferences, offering the desired options for lovers of bold colors and bright solutions, and for the delicate feelings of people, who prefer elegant and inconspicuous things.

Curtains for kid's rooms by Disney & VELUX


Curtains for girls by Disney & VELUX

The collection was created especially for the windows produced by VELUX – the world’s largest manufacturer of roof windows, their accessories and related roofing equipment. Branded VELUX blinds and shutters are specially adapted to work on the slope of the roof. That is why the fabric does not sag or lose its shape and color.

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