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Haphazard Harmony Tableware

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If you are a fan of elegant kitchenware, you will fall in love with this porcelain Haphazard Harmony Tableware, in the best traditions of the Mad Tea Party!

Kitcheware by Maarten Baas

This Haphazard Harmony tableware is an amazing, cute and pure white porcelain collection by Maarten Baas, a famous Dutch designer. The incredible assymetrical design of the tableware is created with the hand sketches of the tableware, which were then made into handmade foam models, which were created for casting the porcelain pieces later.
Look at these amazing tableware pieces, they are both assymetrical, cute and mesmerizing, if this term is applicable to kitchenware. The complete set is presented by 20 pieces, each from porcelain with an ivory glaze. Though designed in 2009, it will be available for purchase in late winter 2012, through the responcible Den Herder Production House. As described by DHPH, the office that is promoting most of the products by Maarten Baas:

“With Haphazard Harmony he creates an atmosphere of related characters, a family. This feeling is accentuated by the differentiations within the versions of the cups and the mugs. It’s a haphazard collection, yet they’re all in harmony with each other…”


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