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Growing Lampshade by Peter Kraft

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Are you one of these creative minds that like the décor items to be handmade and eco-friendly? Then perhaps you would enjoy growing your own lampshade, no matter how weird it sounds. Check out how, with the technique provided by Peter Kraft, the growing lampshade can become a reality.

growing lampshade

Insane Lampshades by Peter Kraft

These lampshades look ordinary, but only to the moment when you start using them. Lovely lamp bulbs turn into lampshades by the substance that expands the bulbs from the inside. Peter Kraft has designed this amazing concept to make a statement of natural illumination. The lamps seem to grow like little plants, except that they are not greenery, they are actual lampshades.

Growing Lampshade project has been displayed at Ventura Lambrate 2012 in Milan. Kraft’s lampshade design has been centered on the concept of creating illumination and lighting up darkness. The “visible act of deformation”, as the designer calls it, is creating distorted light bulbs that grow as the light turns on. It is of course not a simple process; it takes time, as with anything natural.

The Growing Lampshade of Peter Kraft is more than just a designer’s whim; it is an idea of light and mood interaction. You can see the process of the lampshade formation, as it grows itself and distorts in eerie and peculiar way. This project is a unique blend of technology and nature.

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