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Glass Microbiology Sculpture

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This post presents an incredible glass sculpture by Luke Jerram, offering an insight into the most dangerous diseases. Take a look at the amazing glass microbiology sculpture, that reminds us to take care of our health more carefully.

Intriguing and Dangerous Artwork

We are clueless sometimes upon what lies beyond, or in this case inside our bodies, and Luke Jerram has presented an incredible collection of unusual sculpture: the enormous glass replica of the most dangerous viruses and bacteria. The collection consists of HIV, SWINE FLU, Smallpox, E.Coli, SARS Corona Virus.

Luke Jerram is know for his insightful art installations and projects since 1997. Apart from the morbid connotation of the glass microbiology sculpture, the creator meant to have an impact by introducing these dangerous viruses by means of presenting an alternative to artificial coloring of these viruses and bacteria, often used in the media. The beauty of his collection is stunning and contrasting to the message it transmits. Luke Jerram meant for these dangerous infections to be seen as they really are: colorless, intriguing in form yet very fatal at some cases.

Glass Microbiology Sculpture


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