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Garlic Pendant Lamp

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When you think of the interior accessories, do you think of any kind of food? For instance, thinking of the garlic. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian designer, Anton Naselevets can. He was inspired by the cooking and traditional family values of his native Ukraine when he designed his Garlic Pendant Lamp.

Felt Clock

Garlic… It helps improve upon Italian food, makes our breath extra stinky, and wards off vampires. Now, garlic will help light up the room. Consider using one to light up any vegetable-themed rooms in the house, your Italian restaurant, or anywhere the undead are not welcome.

Felt Clock

The Garlic Lamp is a simple and literal interpretation of its namesake. The shape of the pungent bulb actually makes for a great pendant shade that produces downward directional lighting as well as an ambient glow through the translucent material.

Felt Clock

Would you like to have this pendant in your kitchen to inspire you while cooking? Having this in the kitchen will never make you forget to add some garlic to your dishes.

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One comment

  1. Ralph Dahman
    December 16, 2015 at 7:24 am

    I would like to buy three of the garlic pendant lights on website furnish please advise as to availability.