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Forum Chandelier

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Are you in love with decor accesories, and need to follow the trend? Well, you would certainly be surprised by the Forum chandelier, presented recently by Luke Jeram.

Gigantic Chandelier

What would think about a 17 foot chandelier? At least, that it is not suited for most of the interior design styles, right? In the case of the forum chandelier you would see that it is not even necessary, because Bristol and Bath Science Park commissioned its permanent display there, where they have plenty of space.

What appears to be the light bulbs, is actually a set of 665 glass radiometers! Their constant whirling produces the light that is reflected from the sunlight, so it is a kinetic powered solar chandelier. It is interesting to note, that while the radiometers spin, the chandelier emits a funky clicking sound. What other lamp would do that? No doubt Luke Jeram created a really beautifull gigantic chandelier, with few applications in the real life, but simply being an artwork on its own. His creation sprang from the authors fascination with art and science, so he combined the two and made a beautiful art statement.

Forum Chandelier

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