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Famous Haviland Limoges Porcelain

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Since its inception, Haviland porcelain attracted attention of famous designers and artists who created their own style within the brand. Among them there are such famous names as Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau, and later animatory artist Tom Allen and sculptor Loet Vanderveen.

Haviland Limoges Porcelain Beloved by Presidents

Haviland Limoges porcelain

Haviland Limoges porcelain

Haviland is known as the “presidential porcelain”. American Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt gave preference to Haviland. In France, one of the first fans of the brand became the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. Following her the presidents Poincare, Daladier, Jacques Chirac, and General Charles de Gaulle enjoyed Haviland porcelain.

In 1842 American David Hevilandom founded the porcelain factory in Limoges. Today Haviland is one of the oldest and most prestigious European manufacturers for its exceptional white Limoges porcelain.

Works from the old factory are stored in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris and in private collections of royal noble families.

Since its founding to the present day Haviland factory has a significant influence on the major trends in table setting art. Haviland house is one step ahead of current trends in both decor and shapes, and the technologies used in the porcelain production. It is the leading manufacturer of porcelain for over a half century.

This season the manufactory presents a new collection of dinner service Le Bresil with panoramic decor by Zuber Manufacture, founded in 1797. It is not just a new collection of services for receptions, but it is a masterpiece of decorative art inspired by images of Latin America.

Plate from Le Brésil collection by Haviland

Plate from Le Brésil collection by Haviland

Haviland Limoges has been awarded many prestigious awards, the first of which is obtained at the Palace Exhibition in New York (1853). The service in the Gothic style brought to the manufacturer the first prize at the World Exhibition in 1867. Since then, Haviland Limoges constantly occupies a leading position in the exhibitions and receives prestigious awards.

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