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Exquisite Teluria Candelabra

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Sometimes to add style to the interior you only need a minor detail: a lamp, a picture, a frame… a candelabra? Don’t you just love the intriguing and amazing decor accessories? This post will present to you the exquisite Teluria Candelabra by Note Design Studio.

Extravagant Cosmic Candelabra

The extravagant candelabra got its name from the original Tellurion, a model of Sun-Moon-Earth, and their relative movements. The Teluria candelabra is an excellent representation of how the cosmic system concept could be made into decor accessory. Designed by a Stockholm based Note Design Studio for Swedish Klong Company, the Teluria is a fresh look on form of measurement as a manifestation of art. The model also has a notion of day and night cycles, phases of the Moon, and solar/lunar eclipses.

Available in two colors, blue and bronze, the Teluria looks better in second version. However, Note Design Studio emphasizes the intriguing light reflection on the surface of the candelabra, where the blue version wins over the bronze one by its reflective qualities. Needless to be said, that the five spherical bodies can be rotated and accommodated to the needs of a user. Teluria candelabra is a beautiful conceptual decor accessory, that would make your interior contemporary and eerie in it’s own cosmic way.

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