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Elegant Futuristic Lamp

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Some of us want our decor accessories to belong to several decorating style, as in a case of this insane lamp design, that is both futuristic and elegant.

Vintage 45 Lamp

This original lamp got its name from the angle that the traditional cone shaped silhouette appears. Designed by a conceptual artist from Munkii studio, this lamp is a very original idea that combines elegant and futuristic styles.
The cone shaped steel lampshade constitutes the actual lamp like design, while the spherical aluminum ring which encompasses the lampshade adds futuristic twist to the accessory. And at last the actual light: the light buld is inside the black see-through lamp. Despite the desire to spin the lampshade around its aluminum ring, you cannot do that, it won’t go in circles! This intriguing lamp design is of course more elegant, than high tech. It has most definite feminine touch to it and would fit in perfectly in any vintage or elegant interior design with some hint of high tech sensuality.

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