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Display Boxes In Home Decor

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Display boxes are great not only for decorative purposes, they can also be used to store fine things like jewelry, fashion accessories, and your various collections. The can make your space  look more polished and organized all the while adding a luxurious touch to your decor.

Decorating With Display Boxes

Jewelry collection display box

A display box can be placed anywhere in the house depending on what you want to show off or where, For instance, you can store your jewelry or accessories in glass boxes on your bedroom vanity, which makes it easier to organize such small things and keep them from getting all over the house.

Mount your display boxes on the wall to show off your mineral collection or other collectibles you’re proud of and that could add a few decor points to your interior.

Glass display box terrarium

You can also repurpose your display box as a candleholder or a terrarium, which you can fill with rocks and gravel as well as some decorative figurines and your favorite plants. Colorful succulents and moss are the best plants for these conditions. You can display it on your home office desk to provide yourself with a contemplation object when it’s time to take a break or think things through.

You can create a display object by simply placing it under glass. If it looks good you can just place it on a mantel or a shelf to add character to your decor.


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