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Desk Hammock Is An Office Staple That’s Been Missing From Your Life

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Left: desk hammock by Aqil Raharjo, Right: Case Real coffee table with a cat hammock

This curious invention by a sophomore graphic design student Aqil Raharjo from OCAD University in Ontario reminds us of a Case Real’s idea of a coffee table + cat hammock concept. But your pet shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy napping in the middle of the day.

Schnap has even its own slogan that calls to ‘nap in a snap’ whether you’re working on class projects or sitting at the office. The hammock comes in a pouch with two clamps that allow to hang it under your desk creating the ultimately cozy nap nook.

Hammock concept


The idea came to the bright student after working long late hours on projects on campus with nothing but desks and chairs that his fellow tired students used to catch a few zzz’s. But since chairs aren’t good for comfort or health, a hammock becomes a true staple for both students and office workers who stay up late to finish their work, spend time with their family, or simply catch up on Netflix.

The pouch from the hammock can be used as a pillow and a special roll allows you to neatly tuck the hammock away when you don’t need it or want to carry it.

We’ve seen a few desk concepts that were specifically designed for fatigued office workers but Schnap is mobile, easy to set up, and would probably be affordable to even students.


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