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Designer towel hangers

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We always want to make things better in our environment, always want new things to make it look even better than it does. This post will introduce you to the most up to date designer towel hangers that can be adjusted either to the bathroom or to the kitchen.


Amazing Towel Hangers

Towel hangers are an important décor in the bathroom or kitchen area. Lets open our list with the amazing towel hangers from Hioomi Tahara. A simple, and minimalistic design is presented only with a few ropes, some hooks, weight and a monkey. The important aspect is setting up the system: just put a stick and a rope around it, and you have a towel hanger! The towels can be adjusted to the hanging ropes, as simple as that.


Another simple yet elegant design is the Swan Hand Towel hanger. It is very elegant, despite its bold colors of the hanging hook. The Swan Hand Towel goes in two pieces, the first representing the ballerina and the second, adjoined to the wall is her partner. When joined, adjusted to her partner, the whole composition looks like it is in the act of dancing!


The last idea is the very simple, yet it offers much functionality. It is a ladder that was turned into a towel hanger! The idea seems to be very simple, yet very original. An ordinary or not so ordinary ladder is turned into a towel holder, which seems really creative. The idea seems to be vintage, and gains its popularity really fast. As you see, there are many creative ideas for a towel holder, and custom made ones are just a part of, when on the other side there are those creative, handmade ideas.


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