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Designer Fishtank Ideas

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If you like wildlife but don’t like it to be bothering you all the time, fish is a perfect choice for you. However, not every fish tank will flatter your interior, yet there are some awesome fish tanks you should definitely check out if you want to have a stylish aquarium. We present to you the compilation of the amazing designer fish tanks that all can become good focal point.

Awesome Fish Tanks By Designers

Duplex Aquarium/ Cage by Constance Guisset

Duplex Aquarium/ Cage

This piece is just so incredible! The duplex fish tank features a cage for a bird beneath the fish tank with a glass pocket for a bird to observe the fish. How neat is that? The duplex aquarium is designed by Constance Guisset and as stated in the description, it is ‘an improbably encounter of the fish and a bird’.

Floating Garden

Floating Garden by Benjamin Graindorge

Now this fish tank is a combination between an aquarium and a floating garden above. Designed by Benjamin Graindorge in collaboration with Duende Studio this fish tank was displayed during the “Objet de design” exhibition in Cité du Design in St. Etienne. The floating garden is actually a natural filtration system that is needed for the fish to breathe and live in fresh water. This system can save your money on the filters.

Fishscape Fishbowl

Fishscape Fishbowl by Aruliden

This fish tank mimics the gorgeous mountain range featured inside the tank. Designed by Aruliden, it reinterprets the traditional fishbowl into something new and inspiring. This fish tank is made from hand-blown glass in Turkey. Minimalistic and simple it can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water.

Wanda Aquarium

This fish tank is also a reinterpretation of a traditional fish glass cloche that includes a little pedestal with a car inside that the fish can circle around. Actually, the car can be substituted for anything you like. Designed by Piergil Fourquié, this aquarium helps your fish to feel like a shark circling around its prey or wreck.

Wanda Aquarium by Piergil Fourquié


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  1. Oskar
    September 23, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Designers should think about the fish as well.. animals should be kept out of it, when the designer do not know a thing about them! It is just cruelty.. poor fish