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Crumpled Paper Lamps by Nendo

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Taniguchi Aoya Washi is engaged in production of the famous Japanese washi paper and makes everything from it, from notorious paper lanterns to room screens and tablecloths. The company asked Nendo Studio to come up with an object that would emphasize the beauty of handmade paper crafts and skills, on the one hand, and the company’s ability to produce up to date products on the other.

Lighting Fixtures Made of Washi Paper

Semi-wrinkle washi lighting fixtures by Nendo

Semi-wrinkle washi lighting fixtures by Nendo

Nendo came up with a series of lighting fixtures called Semi-wrinkle washi. Their simplicity and elegance were the result of a difficult multi-stage technology that combines tradition and innovation. Nendo invented a unique technique of molding without seams and gluing for the production of table lamps and chandeliers, similar to a paper bag with a slightly jammed crown and a completely smooth base.

Cover is not created by gluing of several sheets of washi paper as it always has been done before. It is formed from a liquid substance, which is added with Amorfofallyus plant starch for greater strength and texture.

Instead of gluing of washi sheets for the desired shape, as it was implied in the traditional technology with this materials, for our lamps Taniguchi Aoya Washi we started to use a new object modeling technique, from the very beginning by building its structure in three dimensions,” Oki Sato, the founder of the Nendo studio said.

Semi-wrinkle washi lighting fixtures by Nendo

Semi-wrinkle washi floor lamps by Nendo

The new technology is much more complex than the traditional one, but the effect is wonderful. There are no seams or cracks on the Semi-wrinkle washi lights. And they look as if made ​​of plastic or glass.

Lamps, resulted in collaboration of Nendo and Taniguchi Aoya Washi companies, created using traditional technologies, which for centuries were used by the Japanese masters. But the designers were able to offer an approach that helped Japanese tradition find its place in the modern world. For this purpose Nendo mixed tradition and innovation, to create a completely new product that has such features as softness, clarity and subtlety of washi paper, but much more ductile and durable. For now the lights are sold exclusively at Seibu, the Japanese department store chain.

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